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Money Questions

Do you have Money questions? Or want to know how to buy tokens?
There are many solutions available in order to credit money on your player’s account. After you have a Real Player account on an online casino, you must buy tokens. Before you start playing as a real player, you must go to the casino’s “Bank” or “Cashier”. At this stage, there are several payment methods available.

Credit Card
Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted on most casinos on this site. It’s a good and fast method of crediting your player’s account.
- You must be registered as a real player, then go to the casino’s “Bank”, click on Purchase and select the credit card.
- Register your credit card and insert the amount you wish to credit to your player’s account (how much you wish to purchase).
- You should receive a confirmation email stating that your transaction was approved.
- Your real player account will then be credited with the amount corresponding your purchase within the legal terms regarding the maximum purchase amount.
- The casino does not charge you anything (check first), however, your bank might do so.
- Regarding maximum purchases, any serious casino must respect the laws in force and therefore limit credit cards maximum purchases to $1,500 per week including a limit of $500 per day and up to three credit cards per player. A player cannot perform more than 10 operations per day.
Note: It is better to use your own credit card (there’s a risk of mixing addresses up).

FirePay is a personal account you fund with your normal credit card. It’s an intermediary account between the casino and your usual account. This kind of account makes your transfers safe and fast. You can fund this account by using your Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discovery. In order to guarantee your transaction via Firepay was successful, you must first be sure that the e-mail address you entered when you signed up to the casino is the same you used when you registered on Firepay.
- You can purchase on the Internet in any site that accepts FirePay as payment system. Once you have registered, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation of your payment via e-mail.
- Check your account’s activity at any moment.
- If you already have a Firepay account, just enter your account’s details on the program supplied by the casino as you would with a normal credit card, and buy tokens normally.
Note: On some casinos, you’ll receive a bonus of $xx when you open a FirePay account.

Eco Card
For the players of Golden riviera casino :
EcoCard announcement: From now on, all players using the EcoCard system will receive all their prizes on their EcoCard account! This is a payment and collection method that’s very simple, fast, and efficient.
Ask for an EcoCard brochure via e-mail on [email protected] that will tell you what to do and all the advantages of this new payment method on the web!


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