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Casinos Tips : Confidentiality

Confidentiality, Security

Since we repeatedly see these words in all our online casinos, let’s talk about confidentiality and security…

These are the words that describe the transactions systems and protection commitment to protect the users’ data chosen and are therefore secured and confidential.

In fact, they’re confidential because online casinos don’t disclose your data, and of course not, your bank data! This is an essential rule that not only attains internet casinos, but all commercial sites where you make payments.

Regarding security, if you pay directly with your credit card or any other “alternative” method (Eco Card or Firepay accounts), these payments are completely secured. Data protection is secured with SSL encryption (128-bit encryption) on most casinos found in our site.

On the bottom of the page of all online casinos, you’ll find a link with a precise explanation about the confidentiality guaranteed by them.

About security, you’ll also find a link on the bottom of home pages of virtual casinos and you’ll be able to read about the best data encryption and safeguarding methods. It might be useful to read these texts and understand them in order to be sure about the commitments of the online casinos where you play.


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