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Casinos Black List

888casinogames presents the black list of virtual casinos.

The laws concerning online games and virtual casinos are very strict and you’ll have little resources to defend yourself if you’re ripped by an untrustrworthy virtual casino or a pirate casino.

There are all sorts of scams, and on the black list we provide, you’ll find casinos in which players have already had problems: problems with prize payments, inexistent casinos, front casinos, etc.

You might be shocked by the length of the list, but we actually add a new site almost everyday. You must acknowledge it’s longer, harder, and monitored to create a true internet casino than a scam site!

You can also be scammed by a site that’s not included in this list, which why 888casinogames shows a large selection of honest and secured casinos so you don’t have to worry about finding one yourself. It’s better to click directly from our website in order to avoid entering a pirate site with an address that looks like the address of a true virtual casino.

Actually, one of the most common methods to finding out your bank data is to make a website with a name that’s similar to that of a serious casino. One example of this is Casino kingdom instead of casino kingdom, subtle, isn’t it? Then, they contact you right away with an e-mail with the excuse of an offer, some bonus, and then you’ll find yourself on a website that could rip you a lot of money!

So, watch out, be careful with the casinos shown on the black list, and be careful with the e-mails you receive because. You’ll receive real newsletters from real casinos, so you must be able to recognize a fake message from a pirate casino.

Also, it’s better to only follow the links from that will take you directly to our trustworthy casinos that we have tested and approved for you.


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