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Casino Companies

Our online casinos have a license from their government and follow IGC’s rules, the institution that controls Money games and virtual casinos on the Internet. Our virtual casino guide advises you to play safe on accredited casinos.

In order to inform you and guarantee that you’re playing on a casino that’s good for you, you’ll find a link “about us” or “who we are” on each online casino. On some of these pages, you’ll find more details about the company that manages the casino such as the headquarters, license, etc.

Check the terms of use, as well as the security policies, and game equality. Check the logos that are usually found at the bottom of the webpage of casinos. You can click on most logos and go to a page with an explanation of their meaning. These logos will take you mostly to the certification of the casino, the software used (playtech, micrograming), as well as other important information.

You should know that the casinos shown and advised by our casino guide have been tested in different areas, and verified for our care. On the other hand, if you choose a casino that’s not in our lists (which is not advised) take the time to check all the information on the site!


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