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Casinos Tips : Casino bonus

Casino Bonus

When you register for the first time as real player, all virtual casinos offer a welcoming Casino bonus in tokens, a fixed amount, or a percentage of you initial bet.

When you become “real player”, you decide to play for money. It could be useful to try some free games on the casinos without download in order to be ready and know the games before playing for real money.

Then you must decide what kind of player you are: are you here to train or try what online casino games are? Choose a casino such as River nile casino because it offers free tokens, which means you can benefit without making a deposit but you have 60 minutes to spend your free tokens! You’ll find a similar offer on the famous Golden riviera casino that offers free €250 just for playing!

But attention, most bonuses are not accumulative, so if you wish to register to play for real and for a long time, maybe you should better think about other bonus offers after the first deposit. Most online casinos welcome you by giving a 100%, 200%, and up to 300% bonus on the first deposit!

You’ll often see this kind of phrases like that of Casino bellini : “Deposit €97 and play with €200, it can’t be any clearer!

So, you understood that even if the minimum purchase is €20 or €50, it might be wiser to deposit larger amounts in order to have larger bonuses! Again, it’s about reading the conditions of these bonuses and check what the limit of this percentage is. For example, you could have 100% up to €500, which means that if you buy €250, the casino will allow you play with €500 on tokens, but if you buy €300 you’ll also play with €500, so it would be a shame to buy too much money at once!

Regarding this subject, if you wish to deposit more money and play a lot, try to choose a virtual casino that offers other bonuses on your next purchases! Of course, some casinos will offer a bonus on your first deposit, but for your second bonus as well, and the third! This is the case of Club Dice Casino with 100% bonuses on your first 5 deposits for a total of €1000!

If you decide to invest, you’ll just need to check the high rollers bonuses before choosing your casino. These are special bonuses for those who purchase a large amount. For example, on Casino euro , your minimum purchase must be €1000 and you’ll receive 50% extra, therefore €500. When you purchase €2,000, you can then play with €3,000.

Don’t forget to visit our “news” section because some good offers regarding welcome bonuses appear suddenly and last one week or one month only… So, stay updated on the best offers to benefit from the best bonuses!

We have toured you through the offers you should take into account when you register. Now, we’ll let you tour through online casinos where you’ll find a list of our favorite casinos on our section “Online Casinos”. Just choose the formula that suits you better and have a good time!


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