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Casino Games : Video poker

Video poker Tricks

As you will find in virtual casino available in Internet so many different versions of video poker with various winnings tables, some parameters are calculable, such as the probability to receive a pair between the probability to have a quint flush.

888casinogames advices you to help you better to control and anticipate the video poker game to optimize yours winnings.

Here are some approximate percentages and indicative of what you can get as hand:

A pair would have 72% chance to get out, two pairs would have 5% chance and three of kind: 2,2%

More complicated and then less probable, a quint would only have 0,4% chance to get out, a color: 0,19%, a square: 0,02%, a straight flush: 0,001%, a royal flush: 0,0001%.

This should discourage you to wait for a Royal flush and to base you instead on «simple» winnings to win at video poker!

The winnings table changes from one machine to another.

You will find that some machines pay well the small hands, but underestimate larges and vice versa.

So it’s really important choosing your machine according to the way you play.

At Video poker you should know that the Ace isn’t the most important card, but this is the jack who interests us most!

Keep a jack is a good trick because it offers more possibilities to obtain good hands as any other card! On the beginning if you just have one jack (or more), don’t throw your 5 cards:

Keep an head (A, K, L, J) with a pair isn’t a good strategy: it decreases of 5% your chance of earnings!

So if you have a pair, keep it and throw yours 3 others cards.

If miss just 3 cards to realize a royal flush, try it! This is not the time to be discouraged and to throw the 4 cards.

If you have the beginning of a Quint, don’t break it to try a Quint flush.

An ultimate advice for every casino game: play each hand as a new game.

It shouldn’t be based on feelings that gave us the last hand to play the next.

A winning hand can arrive after a losing hand and vice versa.

Take your time before making a decision and control well rules of games and try in free mode before trying for money!


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