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Roulette Tricks

History of the roulette

Nothing can determine for sure the origins of this game which has become so popular and appreciated, but its date back to the sixteenth century.

The roulette as we know it now was created by the famous mathematician, scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal who, during the seventeenth century, tried to create a perpetual motion machine.

In 1796 the Parisians casinos began to offer the game of the roulette. And since, the success still continues!

The   cells in which   the ball lands   are all   the same size   and   the same height.

The fact that the center of the roulette game online and the ball rotate in an opposite direction, it makes practically impossible to predict the result.

The ball comes up against various obstacles, according to the specificities of each wheel, which ensures again a random result.

Finally, it’s a very good game of chance, which will provide you the suspense you like and will use your chance!

Tricks of game

However we know some Roulette tricks that can help you to win or lose less…

First of all, of course, you have to know perfectly the rules of this game as the bet that you can do on this game.

You will find an article about the rules of the roulette game online in our section of games rules.

Before speaking of tricks, it’s important to understand probabilities and chance to win, it will help you to play in better way with the chance.

The probability show us: to every move, each number has exactly 1 probability to 37 to appear.

Of course, on 37 moves, they will not exit one by one, but a law, named the third Law, tells us that almost 12 numbers (=1/3) exit various times, almost 12 others numbers (1/3) exit just one time, and almost again 12 others numbers (1/3) never exit.

In another law of the probability, the law of the “balance” means that a number that would not be released several turns’ ends inevitably goes out.

This is the law of balance, the law of a chance having fallen behind the others and that makes up inevitably at some moment.

Those few indications will help you to understand the followings tricks and why they have been proven:

Roulette trick on-line number 1:

Choose a number of roulette then bet for numbers around it.

Game trick number 2:

Bet the same 8 numbers in sequence 9 maximum 5 times)

Game trick number 3:

Let’s bet 12 numbers :

First dozen (1-12) = P,

Dozen from the center (13-24) = M

Or finally Last dozen (25 – 36) = D

With a payment of bets 2 against 1

Game trick number 4:

Put your chip between the exterior line from the last numbers of the 2 columns.

If any number between the 6 exit, you will be paid 6 against 1.

Game trick number 5:

This last trick let you bet 3 numbers on the same time.

To make this bet, you have to play the roulette on-line putting your chip on the exterior line of the column on which you want to bet.

If one of the three numbers exits, you win. The payment is 11 against 1.

As technical control of your bets, you can find our articles of the martingale, the method of Alembert or « breaking the Bank », in fact these methods can be applied to all games, roulette included.

And of course, our precious advice 888casinogames is to test these methods for free (or demo mode) to accustom with and to see if the principle suits you, before playing on line for money (real mode).


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