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How to play and Rules Online Roulette

How to play and Rules Online Roulette

Definately one of the most "chic" games played in land casinos as well as one of the most thrilling games in virtual casinos is the Roulette.

Your aim is to determine on which number the ball launched in the cylinder will land. The cylinder turns around a pivot and is divided into 38 boxes (American Roulette). The 38 boxes are numbered from 1 to 36, one half is red the other half is black and there are 2 more boxes which are green, it's the 0 and the 00.

The players have to place their bets. You can bet on a single precise number, but you can also place your bets on different combinations around a number. The bet can be placed, for example on an odd or on an even number. This gives you more chance of winning of course. You can also bet on the first 12 numbers. The bets can even be placed on a specified column of numbers represented on the table. The players can bet that the ball will stabilize itself in a red box or a black one or that it will avoid them both, to end up on the green box of zero.

To help you out, the table where you place your bets represents all the betting possibilities.

Once the bets placed reach the minimum required, the ball is launched in the bowl. When the ball has ended into one of the boxes, the winnings are paid out to the players. The players cannot wager more than the maximum bet in one game. The minimum and maximum bets are shown in the lower right corner of the screen. Of course the player is responsible for the correct position of his bets placed on the table.

The following table shows what payout you can get according to the bets you have placed :


Payout Odds

Single Number / Straight Up

35 to 1

2 - Number (Split)

17 to 1

3 - Number (Across)

11 to 1

4 - Number (Corner)

8 to 1

6 - Number (Across)

5 to 1

Section (12 Numbers)

2 to 1

Column (12 Numbers)

2 to 1

1 - 18 or 19 - 36

1 to 1

Odd or Even

1 to 1

Color (Red or Black)

1 to 1

For example, if your initial bet is $20 on a single number (35 to 1), you will receive your original bet ($20) plus 35 times your bet, so your total winning would be $700.

Another example, if you bet $100 on the red color (1 for 1), you will receive your original bet of $100 plus a gain of $100.

The advantage in playing Roulette on line, rather than in a land casino, is that the game is made more simple :

The player doesn't have to pay so much attention to the dealer to know when to place the bets or when he cannot wager anymore. The player won't accidentally forget to place the minimum bet or won't exceed the maximum allowed.

As for all online casino games, you will find a "help" or "how to play" section which will explain the detailed rules of the game.

You can distinguish several types of games of the roulette : the roulette royale, French roulette, American and European Roulette, the "Gold series"... You can even find Royale Roulette games with progressive jackpots in certain online casinos like the Europa casino !

As for all casino games, we strongly advise you to test your talents in free mode, without money, to start with. This will allow you to get familiar with the game and to develop your own strategies without repercussions on your money.

At the Golden Palace Casino, you can play for hours without spending any money

Once you're quite confident, then you can dive into the real action and captivating suspense of playing for real money !


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