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How to play Chuck a Luck

How to play Chuck a Luck

Chuck-a-luck is a unique, simple and captivating casino game.

You have three dice in a little steel cage and you have to bet on the result the dice will show once the cage has stopped spinning. The dice are classical dice with 6 sides numbered from 1 to 6.

While playing Chuck-a-luck, the real difficulty is to place the right bet !

You have many possibilities for your wagers. You have to take your decision and place your bets on the various boxes on the table before starting, just like in a game of Roulette.

The cage cannot start spinning until at least one bet has been placed on the board. Players can then click the Spin button to start the game as soon as they've finished placing bets.

Once the "spin" is launched, all bets must stand. Several seconds later the cage stops spinning and the dice come to rest at the bottom of the cage. The resulting numbers are taken off the top face of each dice to determine the winning bets.

According to different online casinos, you will find 4 to 6 different types of wagers :

Numbers Bet :

It is a simple betting option, you choose to place your wager on one number from 1 to 6. Your winnings depend on the number of times this number has come out. Since we have three dice, your number can come out once, twice or three times. If your number comes out once, the winning ratio is 1 : 1. If your number comes out on two of the dice, the payoff ratio is 2 : 1. And if all three dice show your number, you win 10 : 1 !

You can also bet on an entire field of numbers, this is the Field Bet :

This means that you are betting that all three dice will add up to one of the numbers featured on the Field. It doesn't matter where exactly you place your chips on the Field, as long as the total of the 3 dice adds up to any one of the numbers shown on the Field, you will be paid 1:1 on your wager.

Another interesting betting option is the High Bet or Over Ten :

If you place your chips in the High Box, you are therefore betting that the dice will add up to a number higher than 10. The payoff for this is 1:1, unless you get a "High Triple". The High triple is when three times the number 4, three times the number 5 or three times the number 6 is the result that comes out of the dice. In this case, High bet loses. There are 108 possible combinations to end up over ten without counting the High Triples, so your chances are quite high with the High Bet !

In the same style as the Over ten (high bet), you have the possibility of wagering on a Low Bet or Under Eleven :

It is exactly the same as the High bet, as you might have guessed, except for the fact that you are betting that the total of the dice will be less than 11. The probabilities are the same as for the high bet, so you have 108 possible combinations for winning this bet and the payoff ratio is 1 :1, unless you end up with a "Low triple". A Low triple happens when you have three times 1, three times 2 or three times 3.

Last but not least, in a game of chuck-a-luck, you can wager on the odds or evens with the Odd Bet and the Even Bet :

If you place your chips in the "Even" box on the table, this means you are betting that the results of the three dice will add up to an even number. And conversely if you place your chips on the "odd" box, this means you are betting that the results of three dice will add up to an odd number.

In both cases you have 108 possible combinations for this to be true. The payoff ratio is therefore 1 :1. In case of "triple even" concerning the even bet and in case of "triple odd" concerning the odd bet, you loose all bets. The Triple Even is when you get three times 2, three times 4 or three times 6. And the Triple Odd is when you get either three times 1, three times 3 or three times 5.

You can try your luck at chuck a luck on our site in the free games section and if you are ready to win real money you can download one of our favourite virtual casinos and give a try at this captivating casino game.


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