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Casino Games : Online slots

Tricks Online Slots

History of slots

Those slots have been invented in the late of 1800s by a man named Charles FEY but they were not so popular until Bugsy SIEGEL installed it inside his Flamingo Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.

This casino game is sufficiently confidential, you play alone fronted of the slot, and don’t need to be clever so everybody can try to play and count on his chance.

In virtual casinos, classic slots have evolved to be more attractive and slots Casino software perform amazing feats in technology, graphics and imagination to offer us developed slots and extremely delirious!

On the beginning it needed just 3 rolls of 20 symbols each and 1 to 5 pay lines.

Now we find those casinos games on line with rolls containing hundreds symbols each.

There are slots until 5 rolls and the most important until 30 to 35 pay lines.

There are slots with «games inside the game» and infinite bonus play.

To resume slots machine have evolved so much and we like it more and more!

Although we can’t guarantee you winning with slots, 888casinogames wants to present you some tricks that may help you to imagine a strategy for your game on line, to lose less and eventually to win much more!

Before to start playing, the general rule is to read and understand very well rules of the slot which one you will play and his winnings table.

Tricks of the game:

Trick slot No1:

Read always the winnings table for each slot, mainly for slots pay for play.

Normally there are slots with a maximal bet of 3 coins, the first one offers winnings if appear limited symbols, for example cherries and bars. The second coin pay for the next symbols group and the third coin pay for any symbols line.

So logically if you bet 3 coins you have a bigger opportunity to win more!

Trick slot No2:

When you play on casinos games on line (slots software with progressive jackpot) o slots which offer you bet 3 or 5 coins, be careful to insert the right coins number required.

Indeed it can be very annoying if it appears three «7» but you don’t win anything because you haven’t inserted the right coins number required!

Adopt a strategy as with all casino games. The advice of 888casinogames would play with the maximum coins.

In fact with slots machine on line and most with the progressive jackpot, it’s better playing the maximum coins to enjoy all winnings available.

Specialize !

Find the best slots for you that you understand totally and play with them.

List slots that you prefer – everybody has his favourite and this is part of the pleasure.

Practice to control the game and then you will really win!

Try your luck at slot!

For sure you need to be plucky when you enter in a casino on line! You need to desire trying your lucky and to know how to do.

And if you are lucky and your winnings are important, try your chance again and again playing with more expensive slots even with bet of €5 or more.

Slots on line are casino games most accessible to all kind of audiences.

There are funny games and they offer some risks to obtain real winnings.

Train you with the free mode in our free games on line section and then discover best slots machines from internet on virtual casinos as the Golden Riviera Casino, las Vegas Slot casino, the famous Casino River Nile or the Golden palace casino and we wish you good luck!


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