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Casino Games : Online slots

Rules Online Slots

Rules Online Slots

Insert your coin and SPIN !

The rules for this very popular game are really simple and everyone knows the basics. Surfing through online Casinos though, you will find many different slot machines with varied rules, different objectives, different winning possibilities, bonus games...

The basis of playing on a slot machine is to insert your coin into the slot and pull the handle to make the wheels spin. On a virtual slot machine, you have to choose your bet, by clicking "BET ONE" and then click on the handle or the SPIN button.

Simple as that.

Now you can choose to bet more than one coin and in this case you will have to click the "BET ONE" as many times as you want to add coins. Though the maximum is always 3 bets. You can also use the "BET MAX" button which automatically places your 3 coins bet.

You can insert as many coins as you like into the slot and they will be used little by little according to the bets you've placed. If you want to end the game and get your unused coins back, you just have to ask for a "CASH OUT" of the machine.

Now, like I said, each slot machine is unique and our advice is to always take a look at the pay table available for your slot game. Indeed, the latter summarizes how much you win according to the symbols you'll align and the number of chips that you have bet.

On more recent slot games, you will be able to bet on several lines, rather than just the middle one. You can sometimes bet on three lines, the top one, the middle one and the bottom line, but you can now also bet on diagonal lines crossing the slot game reels, and some machines give you the chance to bet on over 15, 20, 25 and even 30 different lines, just like on the recent casino game "Stash of the Titans" !

The same goes for the reels, traditionally you find 3 reels on a slot game, but now most of them have 5 reels, which makes it more interesting.

Before you start playing, i'd like to give you two essential rules to keep in mind :

1. You will find on each and every virtual slot machine a "HELP" or "RULES" section . It explains the exact rules for this specific game you are playing, as well as the objectives you are looking to reach and the ways and means to get to it. For example you will find help on how to get your free spins or how to get into a bonus game, the symbols that are important and that you have to look out for, etc... Every slot game is different and they offer more and more excitement, so don't hesitate to test new games regularly !

2. My second advice is to always, of course, give yourself a try using the FREE mode (demo). This will assure you know and understand how to play the slot game you're on. Once you feel you "master" the machine, you can start playing for real money !

You'll soon be able to win several times your initial bet on progressive slot machines as well as gigantic progressive jackpots !

Don't hesitate to get more information about slot games by surfing through our site and don't forget to test our Free games section available on our website !


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