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Casino Games : Martingales

Various Martingales

Furthermore the classic martingale and the big martingale, you will find others kinds of martingales or “ascending”.

The principle of a martingale or«ascending» is most a question of running your bets.

Indeed, for each casino game, it’s important to adopt a technique and well fallow and manage its bets not to loose too much money, and of course, to spur your winnings to more handsome sums.

So you will find:

The martingale 7 balls:

The principal of this variant of the martingale is to play 7 times in a row the same bet on the same single chance.

You have to know to stop once you are beneficiary, because the inconvenient of this ascendant is that a bad series can let you loose fast so much…

If after 7 played you have a total deficit of 3 units, so you will need to play 3 units over the 7 next balls etc.

The martingale or wells ascendant:

This is en ascendant in loss, it means that you start very well, with for example 5 pieces on the first play.

The increase and decrease being then relies on the rising d'Alembert: increase of 1 coin after a loosing play and decrease of 1 coin after a winning play.

So the rising of Wells let you win of half coin per play when equilibrium is reached between looser shots and winners shots.

Finally with patience, you will play longer and perhaps win more!

The martingale «up and down»

It’s to build 10 units on singles chances and reduce the bets to 1 unit if there is a lost.

We start to bet 10 units for one single chance choosed.

If we win, we increase the bet of one unit. Following a lost we come back to a bet of 10 units.

After 2 consecutive losses, we bet 1 unit until the next winning.

After a winning, we follow the increase of winning where we let it during the second step (the step where we increased the bet of one unit after each winning.)

This Martingale can take you away, you will need a lot of patience and the most important is not forgiven: you have to stop playing when your total is positive and start again to zero with your initial bet!

The Martingale step by step

It’s to cut your capital into several groups of bets. For example, you’ve got a total of 150 €, so you can divide it into 5 groups of bets:

10 bets x 1€

10 bets x 2€

10 bets x 3€

10 bets x 4€

10 bets x 5€

You start to bet with the first group, so the bet is 1.

When you loose, you continue with bets of your first group as long as you have it, if not you pass to the second group and so on, while noting the cumulative amount of your losses.

When you win, compare yours winnings with the cumulative amount of your losses, and if you are beneficiary, you start again your bets starting with the first group, if not you keep going until being beneficiary.

The advantage is that you will resist longer to big differences of drawing against you, so you have less chances of losing everything.

On the other hand this is a “prudent” martingale: you will take less risk, but will win little compared to your capital.

The Belgium martingale:

It’s another interesting trick based on simple chances. The principle is to increase one unit to each losing play.

The progression of the base of bets is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… etc.

The feature is to change strategy during the game to a rising “Paroli” once your first winning.

In fact after the first winning, if your ultimate bet was 6€, so your winning is 12€.

So you can bet 12€ on the next play.

The objective is having 2 consecutive winning moves: the first using the first style of rising and the second using the Paroli Method.

The big advantage of this martingale is in spite of a bad series, you will need just a few consecutive winning shots to be beneficiary.

Of course, our best advice is always testing those martingales and building the best strategy for you in free mode before playing for real money!

A player who knows how to win is a player who controls his game, his bets and his winnings!

It‘s important not to rely only on chance that’s not always good things, don’t play compulsively, without thinking and on the desperate way which only leads to big losses of money.

Play at your leisure, take it always as a game, set your limits and the most important is learning to dominate each game before to try with money!


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