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Casino Games : Martingales

The Dutch

If you are losing, you can try the method of The dutch martingale to try to “save the bet”, as so rightly say!

It’s to retain all losing bets.

You bet the lowest among those you have lost (if you lost various) by adding 1.

Then you bet again the next bet in the increased order. So with every victory you win the amount of a previously lost bet, plus 1.

You can also adopt this method on the beginning of the game, as it’s to erase your losses.

It can be named an increase in loss.

Be extremely patient and play for a long time!

Start as your habit playing 1 coin.

En cas de perte, vous allez donc tenter d'effacer la perte d'1 pièce avec une mise de 2. In case of a loss, you will try to erase this loss with a bet of 2.

In case of a new loss, you keep the bet of 2 until winning which erased the initial loss of 1, then, you have to do equal bets of 3 than losses of 2 to delete, etc…

When all the losses are erased, the profit is ½ coin per move played.

That method let you increase slowly than a martingale and can lead you so far and for long term…

So what’s the advantage of this method?

To get out without loss in case of small deficit of winnings and guarantee a profit of ½ unit per winning move if we’ve got a balance between the number of winning moves and the number of losing moves.

This is an interesting aspect of this rising which means the more you play, the more you win.

Furthermore, the increase of bets is still reasonable and it avoids the constraint of being limited by the maximum bet allowed.

The problem of this method is in case of various successive losses, the player has to increase constantly its bets to try to get back the sums post and so the player is taking too much risks.

Our advice 888casinogames: test this method with the demo mode in our virtual casinos before trying in real mode!


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