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Casino Games : Martingales

The Pyramid of Alembert

Other known method and mathematical, although based again on the probability, which is not always a safe setting in the casino games on line. The name of this method is a reference to Jean le Rond d’Alembert, mathematician of the XVIII century.

The principle is to increase the bet of one unit after a lost and to decrease the bet of one unit after a winning.

In fact this method consist to think that after a winning, the probabilities to win again are lessened, while a loss increases the chance to have a winning shot then.

The advantage of this method is to get out without loss in case of small deficit of winning play and able to obtain de profit of ½ unit by winning move if we get a balance between the number of winning move and the number of losing move.

Finally this method will allow you not losing money, but doesn’t guarantee to get exceptional winnings.

The major disadvantage of The pyramid of alembert is, like for classic martingale and big martingale that bets can be very important in case of you cumulate losses…

This technique has some variations that you could apply depend of your games methods.

For example you can increase the bet of 50% in case of lost and decrease of 20% if winning.

Also you can begin with a based bet of various units.

The against of Alembert

Another variation of The pyramid of alembert it’s using it in the opposite.

Here you have to decrease the bet of one unit when you lose and increase the bet of one unit when you win.

A contrary to The pyramid of alembert, the against of Alembert is used when we think that the lucky passed represents the lucky future.

In this case if you have a series of moves favourable, you increase your profits greatly!

You can try those methods with our free casino game available in the section of free game and if any one you like you can apply it for real in our favourite online Casinos.


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