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Casino Games : Martingales

The martingale and the big Martingale

Beginner? Do you dream to find a magical solution to win at casino?

Warned? Do you wish to find a method or strategy to get better your chance to win?

Experienced player? I’m sure you know some martingales and games tricks!

Don’t wait for incredible winnings thanks to casino games tricks: if there was a real method to win, we will know!

888casinogames wants to explain you some known methods that may you improve your chances of winning, without guarantee it will work the first time!

Here are just examples; every one with his possibilities has to know when to stop…

So you will find various types of martingales.

Let’s start with the Classic Martingale:


The technique of the Martingale is the easiest and the most popular.

To use this method, you just have to double your bet after every lost, to try to get back your losses.

If your first bet is 10$ and you lose, double it to 20$.

If you lose this bet, double it again to 40$.

Keep going to double your bets to 80$, 160$, 320$... until you win.

The principle is mathematical: With a chance between 2 to win, there is a moment when the player will win.

And when he wins, he gets back all that he won, plus one time his initial bet.

This technique is more specifically for casino games as the Roulette or casino games with one chance in two to win each bet.


With the same principle as the classic martingale, but with the difference that when you win, you earn more money, because each bet gives you the double of the amount of your last bet (as the classic martingale) and you add it 1$ more.

This is the Big Martingale.

Again, these methods are to apply if you feel audacious enough to bet huge amounts, because by doubling each time, you will quickly bet large amount!

Of course if you understand the mathematical of the method, you will also understand that it lets you get back your bets, but it won’t be able you to win much more money.

To win much more money, you will have to rely mostly on a stroke of luck!

An advice: train you on our selection of free games before playing for money!


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