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Breaking the bank

The dream to each casino player is « to break the Bank »!

It happens to who has an incredible chance on the right moment, and we have some examples for terrestrial casinos and virtual casinos where player would bet a few cents and wins a jackpot hallucinating.

You have the choice to wait for a simple chance to get this result or to try using a method which will increase your opportunities while avoiding losses.

This is the «Breaking the bank» method: we bet 1 on the simple chance and we win.

In practice it’s very simple, the technique consist to let all the winnings on the carpet during 8 to 11 moves to reach the maximum.

If we lose, it’s just 1 unit.

To resume: in case of winnings, you have to let your bet on the table and again and again until reach the total amount you want.

On that way you play with the money of the Casino, and if you lose, it’s just 1 unit!

The advantage of this method is that we risk only 1 unit of his capital each time and as the winnings are based on the cumulate of the profits, it can be very important in case of a long winning continue series.

To give you some numbers, in case of series of winning, for example 8 consecutive winnings you cumulate 256 times the initial bet! With 5€ bets, you would win 1280€ (with only 5 € chip put)

The major inconvenient of this technique, is that you need a long winning series, because one losing move you cancel all the winnings.

To avoid the losses with this method, you have to define a number of winnings to obtain, stop to play when you have it and start again with the initial bet.

This method is named too the Paroli.

In our section of free games casino you can try this method and if you feel confidence, you can try to « break the Bank » of the virtual casinos in our 888casinogames!


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