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Casino Games : Lottery scratchcard

How to play Scratch Tickets or Scratch Games

How to play Scratch Tickets or Scratch Games

Everyone knows classical scratch games and has tried their chance at least once in their lives !

Now the same concept exists also on line, that is the "cyber" scratch games. On most online casinos, the scratch tickets are found along with the drawing games such as the Keno or Bingo.

The advantage of playing online? You won't be messing your nails while scratching, as you scratch with your computer mouse !

It is also one of the most quick and simple casino game to play.

You must start with buying your ticket. The price varies from 0,20$, 0,50$, 1$ to 2$ and even 5$. Obviously, and as for all casino games, the higher you bet, the higher will be your winnings !

The game is now launched, you can scratch the squares one by one or choose the instant scratch button to see if you've won. There is usually a minimum of 4 squares to scratch, but depending on the game, this can go up to 16, just like on the famous casino game "Treasure Hunt"

Under the squares you have scratched out, there are numbers or symbols. According to the paytable, you will find out what the winning combinations are.

A quick example of the game rules of "Olympic Games" :

Purchase a €/$1.00 ticket. On your ticket, there as 4 olympic flags you have to scratch. You can do it with the little coin, or with the instant scratch button.
Just like on a slot machine, if you have a least 3 identical symbol, you win a reward depending on the value of your ticket, as displayed in the pay table.

So, is it itching you ? Don't wait and go give a try at scratch tickets right away !

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