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How to play Keno

How to play Keno

Keno is a very popular lottery game, just like Bingo. This thrilling game was invented in China, about 200 years BC. It then arrived to the US with emigration and has become the very well-known game we play today.

It is more than simple, you have to check up to 15 numbers on a grid of 80 numbers. The draw then takes place and 20 balls will be drawn. You will get gains according to the numbers that came out and according to the bet you have placed.

With online Keno you have many functions in order to have 5 different ways of betting.

Thus you can use the "BET" option : Available once you have checked out at least one number on your grid. You are paid if one or more of the numbers you have chosen come out in the draw and according to how much coins you have wagered.

You can also "BET AGAINST" : This is interesting, indeed, it is accessible only once you have chosen at least 8 numbers on your grid, it allows you to bet that none of the chosen numbers will come out. The only difficulty is that you will get winnings only if NONE of the numbers come out !

Click the "HIT ALL" : This option can be played if 2 to 7 boxes are checked. You are therefore betting that ALL of your numbers will be drawn. Of course, with such a bet, your winnings can be enormous, but only if all the numbers come out !

"TOP OR BOTTOM" is the only option that is enabled before you check any number. You only need to place your bet to be able to use this option. You are betting that the top half of the grid or the bottom half of your grid will have significantly fewer hits than the other half. You don’t need to check any numbers. You’re simply betting that there will be a large difference between the hits each half gets in the end. Of course, the larger the difference, the more you will be paid.

And finally, you can bet "HIGH ROLLER" : This option is played almost like the straight bet, but the player needs to have more winning numbers in order to receive any gains. The gains are, therefore, a lot more important ! This option is only accessible once you have checked at least one number on the grid.

According to the virtual casino where you are playing, you will have access to many different Keno games with varied colors and designs. Some have 3D animated balls and some are more simple, but they are all very effective !

In any case, you will always find a "help" button that summarizes the fundamental rules of the keno game, as well as the particular bets you can place and the coins you can wager.

As for all casino games that you would like to discover, 888casinogames invites you to start by visiting our free games section where you will find a flash keno game, in order to understand how it works, in order to value your talents at this game or to come up with strategies and methods. You can do all of this without involving money, before you throwing yourself into paying rounds, so give it a try !

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