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How to play Baccarat Online

How to play Baccarat Online

Baccarat or Punto Banco is not as well-known as some other casino games. However it is very simple to play and you will be able to master the rules quickly enough.

While playing Baccarat you mainly need intuition talents and you might need to have your lucky charm in your pocket, because you will have to predict and place your bets correctly...

The aim of this game is to plan, when the bets are called, which hand will win : player or dealer "Banco or Punto". Or if both hands will be equal "Standoff". So there are only three betting possibilities.

According to the many different online casinos you will find, the gain ratio can differ a little, but usually, if you have bet on the Player and his hand wins, you will be paid 1 : 1.

If you bet on the dealer and the dealer wins, it is also a 1 : 1 ratio, except this time the bank takes a 5% commission.

For the Standoff bets (both hands end up equal), the winnings ratio is 8 : 1.

The game starts and 2 cards are given to the bank and to the Player.

To calculate your score, you have to add the points of your two cards. You then keep the last number of that result and those are your points. For example if you have a 6 and 7, that makes 13, so you have 3 points. Tens and faces all make 0 points. Aces are 1 point. Another example? If you have a 7 + a Queen, that is 7 +0, your hand scores 7 points.

Obviously, in a baccarat game, it is the hand that ends up closest to 9 points which wins the game.

If the two initial cards go up to 8 or 9 points, the hand is therefore called a "natural", the strongest one wins, and the game is over.

If the player or bank (or both of them) don't get a "natural" from the initial cards, these are the rules to apply :

Player's third-card-rules :

If no one gets a "natural", then you have to continue playing. With a score of 6 or 7, you can choose to Stand. If your score is less than 6, you must draw a third card and get a new score based on your new hand. Take a look at the table below :

When the first two cards make a total of :

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0


6, 7


8, 9

STOP (Naturel)

If you choose to Stand, the dealer must also make a choice : he can choose to continue if his total points are between 0 and 5 or he can stop if he has 6 or 7 or a Natural (8 or 9).

If the player had chosen to continue and obtained a third card, then the dealer must play, according to the player's hand. This is the table of the different possibilities the dealer has :

Dealer has:

Equality when the player's third card is :

Is not equality when the player's 3 rd card is :


















Stop (naturel)

If you feel like you haven't really understood the rules or that it seems too complicated, it is a wrong impression and we are inviting you to try and play Free Baccarat in our free games section and you will see that it is with practice that we learn best !

You will then be able to quickly start with the real action of Baccarat and play for real money in one of our favorite virtual casinos !

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