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How to play Let it ride Poker

How to play Let it ride Poker

Let it ride Poker is one of the many variant games of poker that you will find on the virtual casinos presented by jeux-casino.

The basic principle of Let it Ride Poker is to obtain the best hand while keeping the most important wager on the table. Indeed, you have to place three wagers from the start. You can then choose to keep them on the table if you are confident or to retrieve them one by one if you feel that your hand won't be strong enough...

This is how a game of Let it Ride Poker goes :

You place your three bets, they have to have the same number of chips, on the circles of the table where are written $, 1 and 2.

The dealer then gives you 3 visible cards and two face-down cards.

Seeing those three cards, you have the possibility to take out one of your bets (one third of the total wager), or you can choose to leave everything on the table by clicking the "Let it Ride" option.

The fourth card is then revealed and it is possible, once again, to take away one of your bets from the table or to decide to "Let it Ride" again and leave the bets as they are on the table.

Finally, the fifth card is turned over and these 5 cards altogether compose your final hand.

Your winnings depend on what you have left on the table (1, 2 or 3 bets) at this point.

If at any moment of the game you have taken back some of your bets, they will, obviously, not be taken into account when calculating your winnings.

Take a look at the payout table below to see the payoffs :

Royal Flush

1000 to 1

Straight Flush

200 to 1

Four of a kind

50 to 1

Full House

11 to 1


8 to 1


5 to 1

Three of a kind

3 to 1

Two pairs

2 to 1

Pair of 10's or Better

1 to 1

Do you like taking risks and winning big jackpots?

On some online casinos you will be able to add a little wager during a game of Let it Ride Poker. For just 1 more dollar, to be placed in the red box on the table, you can win an additional enormous jackpot on your winning hands ! You can indeed win between $75 and 200$ on a Full House or up to $2,500 on a Straight Flush and amounts like 25,000$ on a Royal Flush!

To get you started, here is a bit of strategy you can use :

Just like in games of Video Poker, you can definitely choose to "Let it Ride" if your hand is composed of winning cards such as a three of a kind, or a pair. If your first three cards are the beginning of a royal flush, go ahead! You can also keep going if your three cards have consecutive values (example 5,6,7). You can also choose to continue if you have three cards from a Straight Flush spread 4 (example 8,9,J) with at least one high card, or if you have the beginning of a Straight Flush spread 5 (example 8,10,Q) with at least two high cards.

When you have your four cards in front of you, you can definitely choose to "Let it Ride" when you already have a winning hand such as a three of a kind a four of a kind, a pair or two pairs.

If you have 4 cards from a Royal Flush, a straight Flush or a flush you can also choose to continue because you have a good chance to get a nice final hand!

We will now let you test your knowledge of Let it Ride Poker through our Free games section and you can then pass on to serious things by playing for real money in one our online Casinos such as Casino tropez or Europa casino which are specialised in video poker and other casino Games.


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