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Blackjack Tricks

The first trick fro you to learn and understand is that you need to know very well the rules of the Blackjack game online

Without a good understanding of the game, you will apply the tricks without understand and it leads nowhere!

If you learn very well the blackjack game rules, so you will understand the meanings of tricks purposed, you will understand how and why it work but without guarantee to win the jackpot!

And you will use it better because there are common sense rules and not magic tricks.

The basic common sense:

Blackjack trick No1: If your hand totalizes 8 or less, take always another card!

Vous comprendrez vite qu'il y a peu de risque de dépasser la limite avec une main à 8. You will soon understand that there is almost no risk of exceeding the limit with a hand of 8.

Blackjack trick No2: If your hand totalizes 9, 10, or 11, double it always!

Blackjack trick No3: If your hand totalizes 17 or more, passed (except if you have an Ace)

Blackjack trick No4: Passed when you totalize 13 or more and that the dealer totalizes between 2 and 6.

Blackjack trick No5: if you touch an 8 plus an Ace or a 9 plus an Ace, passed.

Tricks and advices more advanced:

No1: If you obtain an hand valued at 15 against an open card of the dealer valued 10,or if you’ve got a hand valued 16 that can’t be divided (if this is not a pair of 8) against 9, 10, or Ace in opened card in the hand of the dealer, pass up if you’ve got the possibility.

N°2: Don’t take insurance, unless you know how to count cards…

N°3: A split of 2 cards valued of 10, 4 or 5 isn’t a good tactic.

On the other hand, whatever the opened card of the dealer, do a split with a pair of 8 or Ace is a good idea.

As all casino games on line, you have to fallow the basics rules, it means don’t bet money without to be sure knowing very well the rules of the game and having on mind a minimum of strategy.

Avoid playing on line when you are tired or not totally focus on the game and you have to be prepared to lose money because as you know we don’t always win and it’s still a game!

We recommend you to start training and trying those Blackjack tricks in our free room games, and then you could choose an online casino between the bests to play Blackjack game in real mode.


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